About Coalwood Memories

Coalwood, West Virginia. Take me home, country road! All my West Virginia peeps must have fond memories of the state. I myself have very idyllic memories of Coalwood, where I spent about five years of my childhood. Sadly, that is all memories of a distant time and place…. West Virginia as a whole is not in good shape.

As the coal industry falters, so did the economy of the state. I’m not saying that coal is great and all that but the economic ripple effects have been drastic. I believe West Virginia has the highest rate of opiate addiction in the country. Going back to the state I see signs of opiate abuse everywhere. Truly sad.

So what is this site about? It’s really my own personal blog, reminiscing about my childhood experiences and about West Virginia in general. I no longer live there, but someday perhaps… I hope to return.

Take me home, West Virginia, mountain mamma, take me home, country road.