West Virginia – The Most Miserable State In The Country?

Did you know that in addition to being the most obese state in the country, West Virginia is also the most miserable one? Clearly we’re winning awards for all the wrong reasons. But why is this so?

It all comes down to two things: stigma and awareness.

Mental Health – Breaking the Stigma

Modern psychology was born two centuries ago, but it looks like humanity is still struggling with its ideas and concepts. Among them, one of the biggest problems for so many individuals is the issue of asking for help when it comes to mental health.

It might sound incredible, but today, millions of individuals who are experiencing some sort of an emotional or mental problem decide against seeking out psychology services. This comes in spite of their clear sense that this issue is causing problems in their everyday lives, regardless whether or not it impacts their professional or private domains.

In fact, there is a dominant emotion for many of these individuals and it boils down to a sense of shame. This means that they think they are to blame for these problems and then asking for help would only validate this fear.

Overcoming Shame

In this type of mental state, where the original problem only interacts with these negative emotions, the state of mental health of the individual can only go further down. While they feel ridden by shame, people shy away from looking for help and only intensify their suffering. It is enough to look around and see people in this predicament regardless where they live or how much money they have. But, this sense of stigmatization is not necessary.

Firstly, there should be absolutely no sense of shame when it comes to asking for any kind of help, including that for mental issues. These problems are in no way the workings of the individual who experiences them. They did not cause them and they are not responsible for their appearance, in the same way as the person who gets any other kind of medical illness is.

Mental health problems, just like medical problems, simply occur and then it is the responsibility of a person to find adequate help to resolve them. If you had a bad cut that was bleeding profusely, you would seek medical help. The same is true if you experienced back pain for weeks and weeks. Mental health issues are the same in the sense that they are conquerable and people can get a handle on them.

But, the idea of being too ashamed to ask for help can greatly impact the person in their ability to reach to somebody for help. This is why the emotions of guilt and shame should be put aside and instead, a person who is having these difficulties should reach out for aid.

The Option of Hypnotherapy

In this regard, one of the most effective methods of finding help comes in the form of hypnotherapy. As a distinctive form of mental health therapy, this approach uses the well-known method of hypnosis to help its clients. With it, the main advantage comes from its ability to use hypnosis to avoid the regular conscious defensive mechanism of an individual that often make regular therapy difficult.

Instead, a hypnotherapist employs a process of gradually turning out the endless stream of thoughts and putting their clients in a hypnotic state. Once there, the same defensive walls go down and the person, along with the hypnotherapist, can finally access the problematic area. In this domain, the true healing and overcoming can begin. As the hypnotherapist analyses and assesses the issue, he or she slowly begins to develop ways how this problem can be resolved.

At the same time, the process of hypnosis and hypnotherapy allows for providing the client with new tools that they can use in their everyday life. This is one of the key reasons why problems like addictions, toxic relationships, and many other clear mental health difficulties can be resolved effectively using hypnotherapy.

Before they reach for help, people usually are fully aware where the issue lies, but they cannot fix it alone. But once they take up hypnotherapy, they are able to attain not just a new perspective, but also means of approaching this problem and slowly getting over it.

A Clear Solution

With all of these advantages of this method of mental health therapy, it is clear that many individuals would greatly benefit from it. When this fact is combined with the notion that no one should feel ashamed to ask for help, a great option for resolving mental health issues reveals itself. That is why anyone who is experiencing these types of problems should find a hypnotherapist and allow them to help them in a way that can transform their lives for the better.