Obesity: A Serious Problem for West Virginia

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Growing up overweight and eventually becoming obese, I know the societal stigma and shame that comes with it. It is my hopes that people can read this and hopefully take some measures; prevention is always better than cure.

About thirty five percent of adults and nineteen percent of youth in America are obese. The obesity epidemic continues to plague the country as a whole and they will be no escape unless some drastic measures are taken to change people’s perceptions on health and fitness and how important it is.

The growth of obesity has continued to rise steadily since the year 1999 especially in adults. Though obesity rates in the youth have been more stable as per statistics from the CDC, it is still very difficult to tell what direction it will take. The CDC will need to collect more data for a few more years to come.

Unfortunately, West Virginia leads the pack. It is the state with the highest obesity rate in the nation. Truly sad to see what my beloved home state has come to.

Foods to Eat to fight Obesity

It is important that you choose foods that have undergone little or no processing some of these include oats, whole wheat, quinoa and brown rice. Ensure that you also take lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and beans which are all a great source of protein. When cooking, incorporate plant oils in your meals. It is a good idea to keep your body hydrated with water and drinks that are free from calories.

Some of the foods and drinks that you should reduce to fight obesity include the following:

  • Drinks that are sweetened with lots of sugar namely; fruit drinks, sodas and energy drinks.
  • Grains that have been refined namely white bread, white pasta and white rice.
  • Meat that has been processed such as ham, salami, sausages and bacon and red meat
  • Processed foods such as junk food.

Importance of Protein in fighting Obesity

Protein keeps one more satisfied for longer as it takes a longer period to digest. Due to this, when you take foods that are richer in proteins, you will eat less as they are feeling and stay in the tummy for a longer period. Personally, I like to consume quality whey protein supplements whenever I feel hungry instead of snacking.

Reduces Blood Sugar Spikes

Protein consumption will invariably reduce your intake of carbohydrates that are refined and this will ensure that your blood sugar is even this is due to the fact that proteins slows down the rate at which digestion takes place.

How Much to Eat

The indicators of how much food you need to eat lies in the amount of physical activity you undertake, body size, age, gender and body size. With approximately two out of three US adults being obese, this is a clear sign that people need to consume less calories. For best results that will ensure that you consume the right amount of calories for your body is to do away with habits that will encourage you to overeat.

Ways in which you can avoid over eating:

1.  Take breakfast

It may seem like missing a meal is a simple way to reduce your calorie intake but this may work against you especially when the hunger pangs strike in the mid- afternoon and force you to overeat.

2. Portion Control is key

At meal time, choose small portions and do not rush through your meals instead eat slowly and take the tame to savour all the tastes in the food. This is bound to make meal time more enjoyable. When you eat slowly, it reduces your chances of over indulging in more servings. Turn off all the devices such as phones and television so that your full attention is on your food.

3. Cook your own food

By cooking your own food at home, you will be able to choose what exactly goes in it and this will make it healthier. You will also be able to decide the potion you want to consume as opposed to restaurants where the decision is not in your hands.

4. Be Mindful

Before sitting down to have a meal, it is important to ask yourself the reason for eating. This will help you to do away with eating just for the sake of it and in turn reduce your calorie intake. If you are not truly hungry, you can take part in other activities that will keep your mind off food. Instead of taking an entire meal, you can choose to have a healthy snack.


Apart from consuming a healthy diet, there is nothing more effective to fighting obesity and staying healthy than taking part in exercise. To keep your body moving, you can partake in activities that you enjoy. People of all ages should limit the amount of time spent watching television and sitting down.